Ki Gourmet - La Sandunga Green Tomato & Roasted Chili Sauce 380g

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Roasted green tomato mixed with roasted chili salsa is fantastic for all your homemade Mexican dishes.

Recipe Ideas

  • It's an excellent choice for Mexican snacks, such as crispy tacos, sopes, tlacoyos, tostadas, huaraches, and quesadillas.
  • Accompany a grilled meat cut, and serve it in taquitos with a bit of avocado and sauce, simply delicious!
  • You can make some chilaquiles with this sauce; to reduce the spice, just add a bit of cream and soak the tortilla pieces.
  • It pairs very well with quesadillas or taquitos from any stew.
  • Prepare your preferred eggs and add this delicious sauce.


Roasted green tomato, water, onion, smoky dry chili, vegetable oil, garlic, and salt. No preservatives, colorants of flavours added. Gluten-Free.