Frido - Mexican Chocolate (35%) - 250g

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There is a Mayan myth that says that when one strays too far from nature cacao brings him back. Frido Mexican Chocolate is a a single origin from the Tabasco province in Mexico.  Did you know that the Mayans had a goddess for chocolate: Ixcacao, she is know for her compassion and was loved by the common folk.


This is artisan chocolate flavoured with cinnamon and a hint of Mexican allspice. The natural sweetness and gentle spice perfectly complements the bright berry notes of our cacao. We grind whole cinnamon sticks together with our cacao beans using traditional Oaxacan stone mills.

Enjoy it as a traditional homestyle Mexican hot chocolate.

Benefits & Features:

● High in antioxidants
● Gluten Free
● Diary Free and Vegan Friendly
● Good source of iron and Magnesium

How to use:

Traditionally served with only water creating a delicious drink that doesn’t compromise on texture.
To get the best results use a blender or bar mixer.
Can be served hot or cold or with your choice of dairy free milk.

It can be used in various recipes.


35% Mexican Cacao, Pure cane sugar, Cinnamon & allspice