El Cielo - Guajillo Chile Powder 100g

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Guajillo means big pod in Spanish, it is the dried version of the mirasol chile and next to Poblano chile (ancho in dried form) it is the second most commonly used dried chili in Mexican cuisine. Guajillo is a mild to medium heat chili, it can be used to add moderate heat to your dish, with a Scoville heat rating (SHU) of 2500-5000.

This is a sweet, and some describe it earthy almost green tea like with hints of berries. Can be used in sauces, stews, moles and soups, as it is more delicate that an ancho it is also the choice of chili to be used with fish or chicken.  It can also be used on it's own, making your own guajillo sauce is a rite of passage to any chilihead, it can be used on it's own to dip your corn chips or as a condiment that you can put on a taco or add to a sauce for that extra punch!