El Cielo - Guajillo Chile Powder 100g

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Introducing Dried Guajillo Chili Powder: Endless Possibilities for Your Culinary Creations!

El Cielo - Guajillo Chile Powder , known as the "big pod" in Spanish. Derived from the mirasol chili, this beloved ingredient holds a special place in Mexican cuisine, right alongside the iconic Ancho Dried chili.

Experience Mild Heat with Rich, Sweet Notes:
With a Scoville heat rating ranging from 2500 to 5000, our Organic Guajillo Chili Dried delivers a mild to medium kick, perfect for adding delightful warmth to your dishes. But it's not just about the heat – its sweet, earthy flavor profile, often likened to green tea with hints of berries, adds depth and complexity to sauces, stews, moles, and soups.

Versatile and Delicate:
Unlike its counterparts, Guajillo Chili is remarkably versatile. Its delicate nature pairs beautifully with fish and chicken dishes, adding a subtle yet distinctive flavor. But don't stop there – craft your own Guajillo sauce for a taste sensation like no other. Use it to dip your corn chips, drizzle it over tacos, or incorporate it into sauces for that extra punch of flavor!

Add Depth, Flavor, and Heat to Every Dish with El Cielo's Dried Guajillo Chili. Order Now and Elevate Your Culinary Experience!


Powder Guajillo from the Mirasol Pepper, Capsicum annuum