Chantico - Organic Agave Nectar Raw Syrup 333g

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The best Mexican organic agave syrup in Australia, perfect for making margaritas and other tequila or mezcal based cocktails as well as sweetening pretty much anything!

ALL NATURAL ORGANIC LIQUID SWEETENER: Chantico Agave Nectar Raw is a premium agave syrup crafted from sustainably harvested, unlcultivated, organic Mexican agave.

Prepared to raw-food standards, this Chantico Raw Agave is naturally one third sweeter than sugar, allowing you to use less calories for the same taste. Ideal for those prioritizing a low glycemic diet, it can be used as sugar or honey alternatives in beverages, baked goods and other prepared foods.

NON-GMO, ORGANIC, ALLERGEN FREE AGAVE: All Chantico agave syrups are crafted from single-origin, organic agave plants, sustainably harvested and crafted usting traditional methods.