Blue Corn Totopos - Mexican Blue Corn Chips 1kg

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1KG Bag of Blue Totopos, Blue Tortilla Corn Chips - Mexican Fiesta size!

Blue corn totopos are made with certified organic gluten-free blue corn flour in Australia.

On our ongoing quest to offer The True Taste of Mexico, we now have blue corn totopos (Mexican corn chips), made with nixtamalized organic blue corn, they are gluten free, Non-GMO, vegan friendly and with no preservatives. These blue corn chip totopos are a nutritious snack, full of antioxidants and incredible flavour!

They dont only look beautiful, but they are crispy, delicious and just perfect for scooping that yummy guacamole, refried beans or any dips off the plate!

Made in Australia by our friends at Doña Cholita


Certified organic nixtamalized blue corn maize flour, trace of lime, himalayan pink salt. Cooked in cottonseed oil