July 10, 2021

Kate McMillan talks how well-seasoned fillings, warm tortillas, fresh toppings, and spicy sauces are the ingredients that make up a perfect taco. Each element offers a multitude of possibilities, so you can customize your meal as you like. El Cielo’s Vegan and Gluten free tortillas make your experience even better! A taco can be as simple as a warmed corn tortilla wrapped around spiced black beans with a spoonful of purchased salsa, or as special as a homemade corn tortilla stuffed with grilled marinated pork and diced fresh pineapple.


Taco-Making isn’t rocket science, however, it’s always the best to learn the basics to enhance the flavours and get the best out of them. Let’s follow Kate’s advice and learn the art of Taco-making - for all the Taco-Beginners out there!



The most important part of a taco is the filling and should be the first thing to consider. It will help determine both the type of wrap and toppings. Proteins, such as meat, chicken, fish, beans, and tofu are all great options, but vegetables, eggs, and cheese are also satisfying and delicious. Because the filling is the highlight of the taco, the choice of seasoning is important.



Whether a soft corn or flour tortilla, a crispy shell, or even a lettuce cup, the wrap should complement the filling. Grilled meats such as steak, chicken, or marinated pork are ideal wrapped in soft tortillas. Softer fillings, such as chorizo and grilled fish, work well tucked in a crispy taco shell or a crisp lettuce cup. When serving tacos in soft tortillas, whether corn or flour, be sure to warm them before serving.



Crunchy shredded lettuce or cabbage, pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, fiery jalapeño slices, and shredded cheese in any combination enhance tacos. These items boost flavor and add both nutrition and color.



From fresh salsas to creamy guacamole, hot chile sauces to cooling crema, there are lots of taco sauces to choose from. Set out bowls of different sauces so diners can personalize the flavors in their taco. Spice lovers can amp up the heat with chile-based salsas, while those who prefer a mellower meal might add crema or guacamole.