Mexican Salsas Bundle

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Our Favourite Ki Gourmet Salsas in a special bundle.

  • Maria Bonita - Smokey and Tangy Tamarind and Chipotle Sauce 
  • La Doña - Salsa Verde Sauce
  • La Llorona -  Roasted Morita chili sauce 

Ki Gourmet sauces are perfect on their own, but they are also muy deliciosas used as marinades, they can be used to baste your meat on the barbie, and they are also perfect as dips for your meat or Totopos.

Marinate your diced choice of meat in La Llorona or Maria Bonita, make sure to cook it through and in a pan before assembling the most amazing taco made simple and with the most authentic Mexican sauces in Australia.

They are amazing if you want to impress, not just your friends but your taste buds!


La Llorona - Juicy shrimp, marinated in a smokey Morita Chili Sauce

La Doña - Recipe ideas