Tostaditas: What exactly are they and how to cook with them

Tacos but flat… QUÉ? Tostada is a Spanish word meaning “toasted”! In Mexico and other parts of Latin America, it is the name of various local dishes which are toasted or use a toasted ingredient as the main base of their preparation. To keep it simple – Mexican Tostaditas are flat tortillas that are deep […]

El Cielo nominated as a finalist for the 2013 NEIS program business of the year!

n celebrating the first 12 months of bringing Melbourne foodies the delights of ‘The true taste of Mexico”, El Cielo Foods are happy to announce that they been selected by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and Mission Australia, as a finalist for the 2013 NEIS program business of the year, award to be […]

El Mexicano – Quality Mexican Produce

El Mexicano History  “After tasting all the long-shelf life products that Mexico has to offer, we got convinced that “El Mexicano” products are the best quality available”. – Maria Ibarzabal, El Cielo Mexico. The Marquez family was originally from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco in Mexico. Like many poor families in Mexico, half their family decided […]

We are featured on The Age… Again!

“Cesar Duran, whose Port Melbourne business imports masa flour ground from blue, white and yellow corn, is beginning to see it turn up in anything from doughnuts to tortillas…”   Read the whole thing: El Cielo” tortillas are the real thing! It’s just like being back in the suburbs of Mexico, where you line […]