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El Cielo Tortilla Team

El Cielo – Authentic Mexican Food


El Cielo (The Heaven), is a company humbly established in 2012, which now is a certified HACCP operation that employees over 20 dedicated and proud staff members. A team that offers a unique set of experience and values that give our company a rich and warm environment to work in.


El Cielo Blue Corn Crop
Natural Green Corn

The Philosophy at El Cielo


Our founders are farm to plate enthusiasts, working closely with farmers and supply chains in order to give farmers their fare share and to ensure customers have transparency and the best ingredients possible.

We believe that food is the center piece of our health and quality of life, and as our essential intake of energy, it must be processed and marketed with mindfulness and integrity.

We work hard to ensure customers understand the essential importance of eating from quality ingredients and trusted supppliers.


Mexican Food Heritage
Chilli and Lime Grass Hoppers and variety of seeds

Mexican Food Heritage


El Cielo is a company established with the aim of promoting “The True Taste of Mexico”.

We service Mexican restaurants in Melbourne and around Australia and we deliver to the general public through our shop front in Port Melbourne, retail stockists, pick-up points and our online store.

Traditional Mexican cuisine is full of health benefits, supplying important nutrients and offering exciting flavors from each different region of Mexico.

Ancient Mexico had a mainly vegetarian diet, with 40+ different types of chillies as the main antioxidant and many varieties of gluten free corn. Spanish colonization brought in new flavors from the Middle East,Europe and Asia; creating a vast fusion of food that is now considered heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

The essence of Mexican food is considered by ancient Mexico as a gift from El Cielo above to lift your spirit and reach heaven. Our aim is to promote “The True Taste of Mexico” in Australia, bridging cultural gaps, and hoping to see tortillas being warmed up on the barbie!


Corn Mill Nixtamal
Nixtamal Corn Mill

The process of Nixtamal Corn


This is a new food concept, lately, introduced to Australian kitchens. We want to ensure it is well understood. Nixtamal is a process discovered thousands of years ago in the south of Mexico and Central America, in order to make corn more flavorful, nutritious and easier to digest.

In essence, corn is boiled and soaked in an alkaline solution and stone milled. This creates delicious corn dough which can be used directly or it can then be dried and turned into flour for later use (either way the essential nutrients of the corn are preserved); as with any type of bread, wholegrain is how you can ensure to get all its rich nutrients.

Nixtamal can and should be used to also make other grains more nutritious.

In Australia, locally made Nixtamal Corn tortillas date back to 1980’s, using both fresh corn and flour. However, it hasn’t been until the last 4 years that the market has been able to taste good quality corn tortillas.

After 4 years of establishing our business, in 2016 we have been able to install our own nixtamal corn mill locally in Melbourne, and we have been successfully making our first trials with corn which we grow directly in New South Wales.