The Best Margarita Recipe

Mexican Margarita


Fresh Lime Juice

Fresh Lemon Juice




Triple Sec


  1. First step is making the Margarita Mix. Add water and sugar into a pot.  For every cup of water add half a cup of sugar. Put on low heat until sugar is dissolved, then take off heat. 
  2. Wait until the water is room temperature then mix in a quarter cup of freshly squeezed lime juice and a quarter cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice for every cup of water used. 
  3. Now time to salt the rims of your margarita glasses. Grab a slice of lemon or lime and rub it against the rim of the glass while upside down. Put your salt onto a plate or shallow bowl and dip the rim of the glass in the salt. 
  4. Margarita Time! Pour the Margarita mix into a serving jug then add the tequila and triple sec. Depending on how strong you like your margaritas, this is one step where you can really just do it by feel. We like our margaritas strong so we mix the margarita mix and tequila in equally then add around half as much triple sec, but if you plan on having a few maybe put in a little more margarita mix than alcohol.