The El Cielo Story

To be Mexican means spending many hours with friends and family, making, sharing and delighting in food. It was of no surprise then that in 2010 three Mexican migrants bonded like family over their nostalgia and passion for food that tasted just like home; traditional corn tortillas, totopos and authentic ingredients sourced and made in Mexico that could not be found here in Australia at that time.


Whilst listening to the famous song “Cielito Lindo” one evening, they committed to providing authentic, traditional Mexican food to the kitchen tables down under and so ‘El Cielo’ was born. The name: ‘El Cielo’, meaning ‘heaven’ or ‘god’ came from the beliefs of the original founders of corn in Mexico; the Aztecs. Calling it the gift from the gods – always providing food and sustenance for the villages and towns.


Today El Cielo takes a holistic approach to this sacred food. Working directly with corn farmers up in New South Wales were the volcanic soil mimics that of their homeland to produce key ingredients like white corn, leading to wholesome, fresh tortillas grown here in Australia.  

From fresh tortillas to nopales sourced from Mexico, El Cielo provides the #truetasteofmexico to your plate direct from the paddock.