Start your own Cactus Garden

Cactus are not only delicious (please ensure the kind you have is edible before eating) but also make your home and garden look hermosa! Today, we talk about the best way to pot your cactus to keep them healthy. Be careful though these spiky plantas can sting!

  1. To begin wash your can and or pot of choice thoroughly and select a cactus of a similar size to place in it. Note cacti and other succulents like a snug fit so make sure the can/pot isn’t to large.
  2. Fill ¼ of the can/pot with small rocks to create sufficient drainage for your cacti and or succulent.  
  3. Fill it about one-third full with your potting mix – note you can get special cacti soil from your local hardware store or nursery.
  4. Put on heavy duty gardening gloves and test the plant for size (make sure that the plant won’t be too far down in the pot nor too high above the top of the pot) add more potting mix as required. Centre the plant unless it’s the kind that likes to travel in a horizontal direction, in which case it should be put at one edge.
  5. Now, gently holding the plant where you would like it to stay, fill all the spaces between the plant and the pot with your potting mix.
  6. Press the soil gently down around the roots and shake the pot so the soil will settle. If there isn’t enough soil or if the soil packs down, add some more.
  7. Water the plan weekly – not to much as the roots can rot.


Enjoy your new oasis amigos!