5 reasons to eat more Mexican Food

Why is mexican food so darn good? Is it the impossibly fresh ingredients, the secret recipes, or the ancient Aztecs’ flair for sauce making? In today’s blog we investigate.

  1. Because nachos.

Pass us the nacho cheese, sour cream and a whole lot of guac. Nachos create the perfect nest for a whole bunch of yummy ingredients whilst adding a crunch that makes our mouths water just at the thought of it. In our ongoing quest to give our customers “The True Taste of Mexico”, we make traditional totopos (Mexican corn chips). Crispy, delicious and just perfect!


  1. Because tortillas.

Stuff your tortillas with grilled chicken, veggies or even leftovers from the night before. The possibilities are endless!  It is interesting to note that there is an art form to rolling the perfect tortilla so that your meal doesn’t fall completely apart and onto your lap. A warm tortilla is easier to form into a tightly rolled wrap than a cold or even room temperature tortilla, something that is essential for mankind to know.


  1. Because salsa.

Salsa may surprise you with its nutritious benefits that just so happen to be delicious (especially when eaten with tortilla chips). Whether it’s with a healthy snack or to compliment your favorite meal, salsa is the perfect nutrient-rich add-in. Here at El Cielo, our range of preservative free gourmet salsas is made with the highest quality ingredients in Mexico, surpassing even the well known brands in flavor.


  1. Because tacos.

Need we say more?


  1. Because tequila.

Okay, so this technically isn’t a food but how could we not include it? There is no doubt that when it comes to alcohol people love their tequila and with this alcohol of choice, there are really no boundaries.