El Cielo make an impact in food innovation

Last month, the El Cielo team made their way up to Sydney to exhibit at the Foodservice Australia trade show. They were part of the debut New Product Showcase #newproductshowcase2018, a group of local food entrepreneurs who showcased their exciting and innovative new products. El Cielo presented their new corn chip recipe that’s just hit the Australian market!

Executive Director at El Cielo, Cesar Duran, chats about El Cielo’s authentic and flavorsome corn chips.

What products did you present at the Foodservices trade show?

Our corn offering, which is at the core of our business, and also our white and blue corn chips, tortillas and tostadas. We showcased the corn that we are growing in northern NSW.

What makes El Cielo unique?

We are the first to grow our own corn in Australia and turn it into corn dough through a process of nixtamalization. After two years of research and development, we are now using 75% Australian corn, having perfected our milling process and recipe to offer the softest, most wholesome and tasty corn tortillas on the market.

Most importantly, we are a humble and honest brand and we pride ourselves on being vertically integrated. We imported our own corn from Mexico and ensure that we are using the right type. We are as authentic as can be and we also pride ourselves on being great bakers! Because that’s what tortilla and corn chip makers are in Mexico – we are really bakers.

What two of the major highlights from the show for you?

One of the highlights was this old woman from the Mind Body Spirit Show who stopped and said to me, “My angels want me to give you this message.” And what she told me was so full on and very personal, so I’m unable to share, he chuckles.

In regards to the brand, we definitely made really good contacts for our industry. Getting in touch with our big customers was a key highlight, to touch base and to advance in our projects and contracts with them was important. And creating brand awareness for the Sydney market was important as well.

People were really excited to see that we are growing different coloured corn – the market wasn’t really aware that coloured corn exists! For them to see it and touch it was really exciting for them.

What were people’s reactions to your products and brand?

We pride ourselves on being very wholesome. Our products are wholegrain, so you’ll see that they all have little freckles, which are the wholegrains –  so all the good stuff is in there!

The reaction was a positive one about how pure the product is, how good it tastes, and how it doesn’t have an after-taste. They’re made from pure ingredients and people were happy to see wholesome corn products out there that aren’t processed.

Can you describe the atmosphere and vibe of the Foodservice Australia show?

It was exciting, and as with any trade show, tiring from being on your feet for many hours. It was also exciting that there were a lot of real buyers and plenty of real business happening.

Why was it great being there with other exhibitors?

It was fantastic because we actually complemented each other and looked like an innovative bunch. People were intrigued about why we were together as a group of exhibitors. The New Product Showcase presented unique propositions, so people were spending hours checking out the group. It was great.