Holy Week and Easter in Mexico!

In Mexico, citizens celebrate Easter traditionally – as the day jesus christ rose from the dead. This day is known as Domingo de Gloria (Easter Sunday), and while it’s very religious, Mexicans head to the town to celebrate after Easter Mass.

Mexicans celebrate Christ’s last days during the Holy Week, leading up to Easter Sunday with parades, rituals and many ceremonies. Each region have different traditions for example, some regions of the country see celebrants visiting 12 churches in one day. An interest custom in Southern Mexico is the “burning Judas.” This is done on the Saturday before Easter Sunday where celebrants burn effigies of Judas.

As for our favorito part – The easter food! Lenten tradition is practiced, where Roman Catholics eat no meat in the 40 days before Easter Sunday (Lent). During this time, Mexicans eat fish, such as fish soup and raw shrimp or shrimp patties. Nopal is also a national favourite – Here’s a recipe amigos: https://www.elcielo.com.au/2017/05/ultimo-nopales-ensalada-andor-taco-ever-please/

And for the dulce lovers, mini hotcakes; fried plantains with a sweet, cream topping; and empanadas, fruit turnovers made with apples, berries or apricots.

El Sabor by El Cielo is open on Saturday, 21st, March and 1st of April –  Easter Sunday, so come join us for a Easter Feast!

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