Día de la Bandera

We celebrate la Mexican bandera every year on the 24th of February. But what is the meaning of this holiday, you might ask my amigos? Keep reading below to find out!

The Mexican flag we know and love today was first seen and used in 1821. Although the flag was officially adopted in 1968, the first year we celebrated dia de la bandera was in 1937. Since then we have celebrated it annually.

This date of celebration for the flag was chosen as a tribute to “Plan de las tres garantías”. This was a proclamation by Agustin de Iturbide and General Vicente Guerrero and surrounds three principles; Religion, Independence and Unity. Through the use of the colours green, red and white, these three proclamations have been forever immortalised into the modern Mexican flag.

On dia de la bandera people hoist our beautiful flag up high in front of offices, government buildings, and homes. In true Mexican fashion, thousands of people attend events and fiestas held across Mexico; dancing, singing and eating in honour of the flag.

Although dia de la bandera is widely celebrated, it is not considered a national holiday in Mexico, instead it is considered more so an observation.

Do you celebrate dia de la bandera?  What do you do to celebrate our flag?