Why Mexicans amor colours


Mexico is known for its colours. Walking along the streets of almost all Mexican cities, you will notice an array of colours coming from homes, street art and traditional dress. Blue, green, red, yellow, orange, you name it, we just amor our colours!


Our culture is known to be colourful, but why is that so? Let’s delve into our past to find out why colours mean so much to us.


It has been said that Mexicans started utilising many different colours in their daily lives as a way of living closer to god by appreciating and showcasing the environment they live in.

Colours such as yellow, reflect the bright sun that shines above the country. Blue, reflects the colour of the sky and water, whilst green, red and brown reflect the earth and dirt that helps in growing our food.   


Mexicans include colour in all aspects of our lives. From fiestas like celebrating dia del madre, padre or nino; to more sombre events like celebrating the life of a lost loved one. The colours of Mexico follow us throughout all of the ups and downs of life.


The colours of Mexico have made it one of the most photographed countries on earth. Tourists wander the colourful streets, talk to the charismatic locals and eat the delicious, equally colourful, array of foods our beautiful country has to offer.


Mexico’s colourful heritage is a reflection of the entire country. When something is colourful we are instantly drawn to it. It is