Favourite Mexican fiesta foods!

It is no surprise that we Mexicans love our fiestas and our food. Put that together and you get a match made in el cielo! We decided to put together a list of our favourite fiesta comida!



Tamales are made up of Masa or dough made from corn that has been nixtamalized. The masa is then filled and complemented by a variety of fillings that include shredded, slow cooked meat, fruit, vegetables, cheeses and chillies. The masa is then folded over the filling and wrapped in corn husks or banana leafs before being steamed. Tamales are so sought after during festivities as they take a while to prepare and make, therefore they are only made a few times a year and made in large batches.



Capirotada is a pudding made from bolillo bread, that has been soaked in a syrup made from piloncillo, clove and cinnamon sticks. Dried fruit, nuts and aged cheese or milk are also added before the dish is baked in an oven. It is traditionally served during the lent period and on Good Friday.


Mexican wedding cakes

Mexican wedding cakes or ‘biscochitos’ as they are called, are made up from flour, butter, pecans and vanilla extract. They are rolled into balls, baked and covered in dusted icing sugar. They are traditionally served at weddings, and most celebrations throughout the year.


Atole mexican drink

Atole is a warm, thick drink made from simmering masa (cornmeal) and water. It flavoured with vanilla, cane sugar and cinnamon before being blended. Traditionally it is served as a breakfast or after dinner snack.