Michelada Mayhem!

Now that summer is around the corner, we are going to share our mucho easy yet mucho delicioso drink to make for your amigos!


We call it the Michelada. Back home, they are believed to be a folk remedy for hangovers! There is mucho different ways to make a michelada – e.g. in Mexico City, the most common type is made with beer, lime and salt. We amor a bit of chile with it too! Generally, we refer to this as a Chelada. Another classico Michelada is to add a whole range of ingredients like Calamato juice, Worcestershire sauce, chamoy powder, serrano peppers and camaronazo. It tastes just like a bloody mary, but Mexican.


For the perfecto Chelada, you will need a Mexican lager. Here are some of our favoritos:

Modelo Especial


Dos Equis (XXX)

Noche Buena



Coat the rim of your glass with some lime juice and then dip the rim in a plate of Tajin Mexican salt.


Add juice of a whole lime in a glass and pour in your favorito mexican lager!


To turn it into a Michelada, add Mott’sClamato Juice, Valentina Extra Hot Sauce, worcestershire sauce and serrano peppers to taste.


Tip: Best served with a mexican feast and your amigos!


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