¿Did you know? Part 2

¿Sabías the largest wildcat in North America is the jaguar? They can be found in Mexico’s southern jungles!

¿Sabías the largest pyramid in the world is the Great Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico? It is also the largest monument ever constructed in the world.

¿Sabías Mexico is the most populated spanish-speaking country in the world? Even though over 50 native tongues are still spoken in rural locations!

¿Sabías Mexico is the 10th most populated country in the world? In Mexico, there is a population of 129,163,276 ¡Ay, caramba!

¿Sabías Mexico City has the highest elevation and is the oldest city in North America? If you come from a place with low elevation compared to Mexico City, it is so elevated that you will most likely get a nosebleed (mountain sickness) due to the lack of oxygen. It is almost one of the largest cities in the world.

¿Sabías the Chichen itza Pyramid was named one of the new Seven Wonders of the world? It is a mayan ruins from 600 A.D!

¿Sabías in mexico, 69 indigenous languages are spoken, each with its respective dialect? This is more than the 48 languages spoken in all of Europe!

¿Sabías 100% agave tequila is made for sipping, not slamming? You’ve been drinking tequila wrong.