¿Did you know? Part 1

¿Sabías the official name of Mexico is ‘Estados Únidos Mexicanos’ (United Mexican States)? When the Aztec populated the land, the capital city was called Mexico-Tenochtitlan! In 1521 Spaniards conquered the land, renaming it Mexico City.

¿Sabías Mexico introduced chocolate, maize y chile to the rest of the world? Chocolate was first made into a beverage with natural sweeteners and corn was first cultivated in Mexico.  Most chiles come from Mexico and the word ‘chile’ was derived from Náhuatl (language of the Aztec’s).

¿Sabías volcano rabbits are from Mexico? Volcano rabbits are a rare breed that live near Mexican volcanoes. They are the second smallest rabbit after the Pygmy rabbit. They are beautiful! Thick fur, short legs and small rounded ears… so cute!

¿Sabías Mexican children don’t get presents on Christmas Day? Instead, our niño’s y niña’s get them on the 6th of January! Por qué? On that day we celebrate El Dia De Reyes (Kings Day). This is the day 3 wise señors arrived in Bethlehem after seeing a star shine above, signifying the birth of Jesus Christ.

¿Sabías our hermosa Mexico City is sinking? Mexico City was built on a lake and sinks 15 – 20cm every year! During the 20th century, it sunk 9-11 meters! This causes threats for the city’s infrastructure, water supplies and the hermosa architecture!

¿Sabías the colours on the Mexican flag each hold a different meaning? The Green stands for hope, white stand for purity y unity and red stands the for the blood of the nation’s heros. The eagle eating the snake in the middle of the flag is called the Coat of Arms and is based on a Aztec legend.

¿Sabías the chihuahua is named after a city in Mexico? Our theory is that chihuahuas are descended from the techichi, a companion dog that was favoured by the Toltec civilization.

¿Sabías Mexico is located in the “Ring of Fire”? The location is one of the world’s most active earthquake and volcano zones. There are over 450 volcanoes accounting for 75% of the world’s active ones. Popocatépetl is the most dangerous volcano in Mexico, only 70km southeast of Mexico City.