Guacamole with a twist!

Our twist to a delicioso guacamole is a mexican husk tomato! They are known as tomatillo (Physalis philadelphica). These mexican tomatoes originated in Mexico and a staple of the Mexican cuisine. They can be used be various ways; raw, in many different dishes or as a salsa verde! These precious tomatillos play a huge role in aztec and mayan culture so they’re more than just a piece of fruit!




2 avocados

½ tomato, chopped

⅓ red onion, chopped

½ lime juice

2 large El Mexicano tomatillos

Tajun chilli salt

½ El Cielo Habanero chilli pickled or dried

El Cielo Mexican oregano to taste



Mash avocado roughly. Add in tomatoes and red onion. Mix in remaining ingredients until combined.

Add white totopos or organic blue totopos to dip with.

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