More than just taco’s and tequila.

Mexican’s are known for their taco’s and tequila and all the other things we do during Cinco De Mayo, but we didn’t just come to earth for a good time!


The least surprising one is the infamous Mexican Wave! It was first seen globally at the 1986 World cup in Mexico City. All though some say it wasn’t the first time, no one noticed it until the mexican’s did it #trendsetters


Now to get down to some serioso talk:


Colour television: In 1940, Guillermo González Camarena at the age of 22 developed a system for transmitting colour images on television screens. Even more interesting, his invention was financed with the profit made from a song he wrote “Rio Colorado” and he made the first colour broadcast in 1946.


Tortilla Machines: Si amigos, Everardo Rodríguez Arce and Luis Romero invented the one thing that lets us enjoy unlimited tacos back in 1904… a manual tortilla machine producing 16,000 tortillas a day! It was then industrialised and automated in 1947 by Fausto Celorio.


Birth Control Pill : Luis Ernesto Miramontes synthesised the compound of a birth control pill back in the 1950’s. He originally was asked to synthesize a progesterone to replace injections for senora’s who suffered from miscarriages. He then came up with norethindrone, a substance extracted from the ‘Mexican yam’ which stops ovulation – which became the first birth control pill!


Sign Language Gloves: Jose Hernandez-Rebollar created the acceleglove. This glove was used to translate sign language into speech! The sensors, attached to the glove and the arm, translates the alphabet and over 300 words in American Sign Language (ASL) into both English and Espanol!


Tridilosas: Do you ever wonder who came up with the structure to hold those big roofs on buildings? Well in 1962, engineer and politician Herberto Castillo invented a 3-D steel and cement structure that could hold up mucho heavy roofing. It was low cost like tacos but also performed well as a thermal and acoustic insulation – good value for money right? The Chapultepec Tower and Gran Hotel de Mexico was built with this system too!!


That’s all we have time for and we don’t mean to brag but we also invented:

Hotel Flamin’ Cheetos


Anti-graffiti paint

Indelible Ink

Sonido 13

Catalytic nanomedicine



Adios Amigos!