Dia de la Madre in Mexico!

Hola amigos! For all the madres out there, Mexico is the place to be this time of year for 5 reasons.


Uno: Mother’s day is celebrated on the 10th of May as opposed to the 14th of May in Australia!

Dos: Mother’s Day in Mexico is celebrated in a colorful fashion, the way it should be!

Tres: Mother’s day is celebrated like Christmas… That’s right – They celebrate the day before as well with Mother’s day eve where sons and daughters make themselves present on May the 8th.

Cuatro : The day is celebrated with gusto as churches in Mexico organise a special mass. The highlight of the event is the orchestra and they continue to spread the love with some traditional morning meals for the local madres… with tamales and atole!!!

Cinco: On Madres day, the typical gift is flowers and cards along with the universal tradition of a gift from older children while the younger niños prepare handmade gifts, whether it’s with papa or abuela or at school along with mother’s day functions.

So, to all the madres out there, whether you are in Australia or Mexico – Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you are showered with gifts and love… and of course, tacos! 

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