Street Food from morning till late … The Mexican Way! Part 1

When you think of Mexican foods from the gods, we think of the following ingredients : aguacate, chile, maíz, lime and fruita! Right? Well you’d be surprised with what the mexicans can make with few ingredients! The food is so good – you could live off street food!


Here’s a breakdown of foods you can get on the go in our homeland, Mexico!



Usually available as early as 7am till Noon!

Jugo! Juices are available almost on every corner and usually orange and grapefruits squeezed fresh. And if you’re lucky, for an extra peso or two, you can get orange and carrot juice combinada!

Licuados! These are usually pre-prepared big glass jars with an array of chopped fruits. It’s a cominado flavours with a based of evaporated milk based and delicioso options like banana-chocolate, strawberry, mamey or chocolate. And for the lactose-intolerant, you can grab a agua fresca (without milk!).

Fruta! They are hand-picked fruits, keeping you fuelled all morning. They’re usually found on a bicycle cart and have a range of options like papaya, watermelon, strawberries with cream, honey and granola! If you don’t have a sweet tooth – you’ll find the shredded cucumber, jicama or carrot with lime, salt and chile, topped with champoy!

And if that’s not mexican enough for you –  you can find Tamales or Tortas de Chilaquiles for breakfast too!

Tamales : A tamale is a traditional Mesoamerican dish made of masa or dough, which is steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. Caution : Don’t forget to throw out the wrapping before eating! Jajaja


Tortas de Chilaquiles : For the chile lovers – it’s deep fried tortillas drenched in spicy sauce, topped with sour cream, cheese and onion. Delicioso!

To get the authentic mexican experience, head to El Sabor by El Cielo in North Melbourne, or shop here to create your own mexican feast at your casa for your familia!