Street Food in Mexico – Part 3 : Late night cravings

Late night cravings in the streets of mexico :

Elotes and esquites : the ultimo midnight snack is the corn skewers ( grilled or boiled, your choice) topped with queso, chile and mayo! And if you’re a neat freak, the esquites is corn in a cup – you can request boiled and grilled maiz combinada with the same toppings!

Photo credit : @topfoodmelbourne

For those that want a sweet ending, Churros with chocolate are a match made in heaven!

Photo credit : @southsidemelbourne


Did I mention, you can find tacos at any time of the night in Mexico?

Whether you’re in mexico city, cancun or cabo san lucas, there’s a taco shop on most corners.


And they have all the clasicos ! carne, pollo, cerdo and pescado!

Photo credit : @foodreviewaustralia

Last but not least, any restaurant you head to for a late night snack serves up free totopos with amazing salsas on the side to start!

Photo credit : @twofoodfriends
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