Mexican Street Food – Part 2 : LUNCH AND SNACKS

Mexican Street Foods available from noon till dusk.

Chips – Doesn’t sound very mexican but they come in a array of flavours – including chilli flavoured! But that’s too mainstream – try the Dorilocos!

Chicharrónes: The ninos favorito! Crispy fried pork skin brings all the kids to the yard! For the vegetarians – they are also available in flour or corn. Whichever you get – be sure drizzle some hot sauce on top!

Raspados: Snow cones… the mexican way! With the range of syrups, the sky’s the limit! Shaved ice with a topping of lime, mango, chamoy, strawberry, mango or rompope (mexican eggnog). And if you don’t want something too sweet, try the chamoy with chile powder and lima!

Tacos: tacos de pollo, carne, pescado, patata or carnitas. Need I say more?


Tostadas : flat, fried tortillas, traditionally topped with avocado, fried beans, seafood and queso!