Día del Niño

Children’s Day in Mexico has been celebrated annually since 1925! Día del Niño is all about appreciating, accepting and loving children along with supporting their well-being.

The best part is – On this excitado day, teachers cancel classes and replace them with a range of events and activities so your niño can go loco and have fun! These activities range from a number of events like face-painting, art workshops, storytelling and other games.

It’s not just schools that get involved, but even parents take off the day to get involved and spend time with their children – Generally there are a range of events at museums, water-parks, sporting events, shopping malls and even the zoo! So this is also an educational day as well. Additionally, toys and clothes can be given to churches and charities on this day, giving to the less fortunate.

This is a truly magical day for the children of Mexico! Can’t wait for Children’s Day in Australia too (25th of October).

Did I mention, niños bring in their favorito foods to school and share with everyone else? Click here for some easy delicioso mexican food ideas like tacos and mexican rice. Mmm delicioso!